Subject RE: [ib-support] creating tables
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 06/25/2002 03:39 PM (Tuesday), PODESTA Mariano APRE wrote:
>there are many cases where the best solution are temporary tables.
>one could be: making a dynamic pivot?

I would re-phrase this to be "There are some cases where a viable solution
is temporary tables." However, there are far more cases where the need for
temporary tables is eliminated if you approach the problem in a different
way. See below.

>please do not answer with another question.

The reason he did that was because long-time members of the
Firebird/Interbase community are very used to hearing the request for
temporary tables. Since they are a common solution when using other RDBMS
products, newcomers to FB/IB can often be found to be searching for these
old friends.

The fact is they are not to be found in the same form you are used to.
However, the good news is that we are really, really good at finding
alternatives. So, if you provide enough details of what you are trying to
accomplish we may very well be able to find a solution. Thus the questions.

My question is: What's a "dynamic" pivot as opposed to a regular pivot? ;)