Subject RE: [ib-support] creating tables
Author PODESTA Mariano APRE
simply i need to create tables because:
i'm trying to migrate a system to ib/fb that is
currently running with m$ sql server and WORKS VERY WELL.
the database uses temp tables and i can't find a way to do
something (similar or not) to obtain the same result.

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> > there are many cases where the best solution are temporary tables.
> > one could be: making a dynamic pivot?
> >
> > please do not answer with another question.
> Why not? Many people come asking about a problem they think
> is the solution - while in very many cases, those people are often
> better of with a completely different solution. So, instead of asking
> questions about the 'solution you think is right', ask questions
> about your attempted solution AND describe your problem and
> the reasons why you came to that [attempted] solution [that fails].
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