Subject Re: [ib-support] IB Objects, Borland Interbase Express
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Just adding to what Martin said (only for IBO, I don't know IBX):

>Would I gain anything from changing from:
>BDE connection --> IB Objects

A) A shock upon discovering how many components there are (but relax, only
a few of them are needed to get started). I've used IBO since 1999, mostly
for simple tasks, and think I know how to use no more than 1% of the

B) Quick conversion of existing programs - IBO have components emulating
the BDE so that if the recipe is followed, your programs are likely to work
within minutes.

C) Programs that work. Obscure errors like the one you have fought these
last days rarely occur with IBO. I think this last point is also valid for
IBX - the BDE is rather buggy when used with IB/FB.

D) More spare time once you understand the thoughts behind IBO (data driven

You will lose the benefit of point B if going BDE --> IBX --> IBO, so I
recommend you to get some information about them now and then make your

Myself I recommend IBO - it is a pleasure to work with and is the best
database connectivity set of components available for Delphi regardless of
database (wins the users choice award of Delphi Informant every year).