Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird for Linux
Author Paul Reeves
Dalton Calford wrote:

> Does anyone know the current status of 16k block sizes for the Linux port of
> firebird?

Do you mean page size? 16k pages are supported across all platforms.

> Has a full set of tests been run on this build?


> Does the linux port support file sizes greater than 2GB?

No. At least, not until the 64 bit file i/o is fixed.

> What is the best link to download the latest and most stable version of
> Firebird for Linux (large block size and 64 bit if possible)?

See the link for Build 821 at

> What is the best maintenance utility for Firebird that supports the larger
> block sizes when creating/restoring a database?


> Does qli for linux work with dialect 3 databases?

I've never used qli, so I can't answer this authoritively. I haven't
heard of anything being done to qli - it is a deprecated, if somewhat
useful tool that doesn't use SQL. I would suspect that qli would, if
anything, connect in a similar manner to a dialect 1 client.


Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase