Subject Re: [ib-support] Any Success with FB and ASP.NET?
Author Daniel Rail
At 18/06/2002 01:27 PM, you wrote:
>Has anyone had any success using Firebird in an ASP.NET
>application? As I understand it (and my testing bears this out)
>Microsoft's OLE DB provider for ODBC datasources is not supported
>under ASP.NET, so I'm unable to use Easysoft's ODBC driver. Can
>anyone recommend one of the IB/FB OLE DB providers that they know
>works under ASP.NET?

Check to see if someone did an ADO.NET driver. ADO.NET is the .NET version
of ADO and OLE DB, so maybe the ADO.NET provider might be able to use
ODBC. I don't work with .NET at the moment, so I couldn't help you any
further. This is just information that I know of after attending a
Microsoft conference on development for .NET.

Good luck!

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