Subject RE: [ib-support] restoring database to firebird
Author Don Gollahon
If you use IBConsole or IBAccess, it is easy. They have commands built-in
that let you just put in the path to the GBK file and setup a database
configuration for the destination and then run restore. What did you use to
backup with? GBak? What system are you on, Linux, Windows?

There is a version for Windows and Linux.

You will need a login for codecentral. The link above lists all entries by
the author (Jeff Overcash). IBConsole is for Windows and Linux.

Hope this helps.

Don Gollahon
"What in Eternity does it matter?"

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Subject: [ib-support] restoring database to firebird

I installed firebird on a server that didn't have a previous version
of InterBase on it. I backed up the InterBase 4.1 database with the
server manager to a .gbk file. I copied the the backedup copy to the
new server. What is the command for restoring to the firebird in
dialect 1 and what about the user passwords from the older database.
They reside on the older system as the isc4.gdb.

Thank you,

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