Subject Re: upgrading to Firebird
Author randmonroe
Why is it a joke when it comes to a business decision. How many .com
company's thought they were the best thing since sliced bread, but
are now a faded thought. Because I'm making a decision that affects a
multi-million dollar company and want to know what is in store for
the future with Firebird. Why is that considered a joke. There are
many cases in business where something exciting catches on and year
or so later the excitement has lost it's luster.

The reason I went to InterBase 4.1 is because it was offered from
Borland with Delphi 2 at that time. The marriage between InterBase
and Delphi has been a good one since we started using it. I like
InterBase 4.1, it has been a reliable product. For reasons of making
modifications to the database and new functions the time has come to
upgrade to a later version.

I appreciate the responsiveness from the ib-support group with
technical issues that have come up and would like to move to
Firebird, where will Firebird be in a year?

Thank you,

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> [This was a joke, right?]
> Can you share with us what kind of decisions let you, once in the
past, to
> choose IB 4.1 ?
> Artur
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> Subject: [ib-support] upgrading to Firebird
> > Moving from InterBase 4.1 to Firebird seems to me a good decision,
> > however as all good things come to an end. What is going to keep
> > Firebird fire going? After all, it does take time, effort, and $
> > makes things go. Is Firebird going to start selling it's wares
> > sometime in the near future? Not that I'm against such things. I
> > need to get an idea since we are moving the company database. What
> > about documentation?
> >