Subject Re: "Unknown error" reported inside a view
Author mbabuskov

Same thing happened to me. One thing is very interesting, if I used
view u those "united" selects, I managed to crash the server each
time. (so
be careful not to experiment too much on your production server.)

After two weeks lost, I created a stored procedure to do the job.

If developers are interested, I can post my set of sql statements
that crash the server.


Milan Babuskov

> Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 09:51:17 -0300
> From: Clément Doss <cdoss@...>
> Subject: "Unknown error" reported inside a view
> When I reach the 19th select, when I execute: select * from
> FB returns me an "Unknown error".
> If I run the query by itself, everything works as expected.
> I broke down the view into 2 smaller ones (12 unions each). One for
TITULAR the other for DEPENDE.
> They work fine isolated. Then I tried to UNION them :
> Once again the same "Unknow error" happens... Is there a limit I am
> Best regards,
> Clément