Subject Re: [ib-support] Frequent "Guardian Starting" messages - Normal??
Author Phil Scadden
>In a german newsgroup was a similar problem.
>After some testing the result was,
>errors occured from time to time when the interface-program
>was running while data been send to the server.

Huh? Something on the serial interface was interfering with Firebird???
The serial interface programs runs continuous as a system tray app.
An NT service hooks data out of it via a shared memory interface and
writes it to Firebird. The programs always run together.

>After the interface-program was changed
>( to TurboPower Async. Professional)
>the problem was gone.

The serial port program is 3rd party so a little tricky though I believe it is
written in C++ Builder from a discussion I had with their developer while
getting the shared memory link to work. I would be very interested to what on
earth could cause interference to Firebird.

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