Subject Re: [ib-support] Performance again.
Author Andrew Guts
Arno Brinkman:

>Hi Andrew
>I looked at your queries and saw that the view is properly the importend
>thing here that slows down your query.
>Have already tried it without using view ?
>You want to be portable to other SQL-servers then be aware they don't have
>UDF, but where you use an UDF the most other SQL-servers have an build-in
>function COALESCE or ISNULL for that.
Yes, most of them have, but Firebird. COALESCE and string concatenation
with '+' would solve most of my problems.

>Run the query below and see what speed it have on your machine :)
>This screames on speed on my machine against the ones you post before.
>Mostly the best way of building queries is build them in the order you need
>the tables/fields.
Agree, but I do not want to patch embedded queries and recompile the
application when need to run it with DB/2 or something else.

Thank you.