Subject Re: ISQL on to create tables?
Author bgclarke16
--- In ib-support@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:

> However, there are many better Windows interactive admin tools
> around - try IB_SQL free from
Thanks for the tip. In case you couldn't tell...I'm a Firebird
newbie :) Been using Oracle 8i and TOAD for too long.

Now to get IB_SQL to talk to my server...

> SQL> CREATE DATABASE '/usr/data/mydb.gdb' -page_size 8192;

> While logged in, create a table interactively, using a legal DDL
> TABLE statement.
Actually I'm using SQL to create the table and the indexes.

> >I've gone into ISQL, typed create database BS1 and I get a token
> >unknown error.
> SQL is quite "pertickerlar" about syntax.
Yes, I've noticed :)

> You need to learn to find your way around the beta docs. <g>
That too :)

Thanks for the help...Brad