Subject Re: IBServer terminated abnormally (-1)
Author csswa
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> How do I schedule a manual sweep ?
> And why do I have to do a manual sweep ?

Letting the server do the sweep every 20,000 or whatever means your
users may experience slowdowns when a sweep kicks in. Sweeps can be
resource intensive, hogging CPU and disk I/O. Obviously you don't
want a sweep interfering with your clients' db use, hence schedule it
for midnight or when you know the db is not in heavy use.

To alter sweep interval use GFIX -housekeeping (see opguide.pdf
p.142), to start a sweep use GFIX -sweep. So you would use the OS
scheduler to run GFIX at the required time.

Also you should be using one of many excellent free IB/FB all-in-one
tools such as IBExpert personal edition or IB_SQL or Marathon, etc.
(see group database section). These allow you to set the sweep
interval from the GUI.

> And are you saying, that since I turned FORCE WRITES ON after
> creating it doesn't work as good ?
> I mean, that if I have enabled FORCED WRITES it must count from now
> on, right ?

Yes, with FORCED WRITES on you have dramatically reduced your chances
of data loss and corruption due to power failure (and hence loss of
data in cache that was waiting to be flushed to disk). The price you
pay for increased data safety is more disk I/O and therefore slower
performance, but you probably won't notice unless your server is
going flat out all the time. A lightning-fast server is great, but
data integrity is paramount. And with modern hardware and sensible
server configuration you can minimize any speed loss.

> Thank you anyway

You're welcome. I'm still hoping Ann will drop by and explain your
orphan errors.

Andrew Ferguson
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