Subject Re: IBServer terminated abnormally (-1)
Author csswa
--- In ib-support@y..., "mivi71dk" <Michael.Vilhelmsen@M...> wrote:
> I have once gotten errors like this in my log fileMICROCOM-Z34ABX
> (Server) Mon Jun 10 22:23:02 2002
> Database: E:\IBDATA\OCCEAS~1.GDB
> Relation has 7 orphan backversions (34 in use) in table

Here is some information from Borland about your error:


Relation Checking
We count the number of backversions seen while walking pointer pages,
and separately count the number of backversions seen while walking
record chains. If these numbers do not match it indicates
either "orphan" backversion chains or double-linked chains. If this
is see the following error is returned:

"Relation has %ld orphan backversions (%ld in use)"

Currently we do not try to correct this condition, mearly report it.
For "orphan" backversions the space can be reclaimed by a
backup/restore. For double-linked chains a SWEEP should remove all
the backversions.

> Could the sweep interval have something to do (now 20000) ?

If possible, turn sweep off (0) and schedule a manual sweep at a time
when the server is inactive (night perhaps).

> I have turned FORCED WRITES ON. That didn't help.

Maybe not now, but possibly if you had created the db with FORCED
WRITES ON then perhaps some of the corruption might have been
avoided. Because you implemented your db under IB6, FORCED WRITES
was OFF by default (opposite situation under Firebird). The case for
using FORCED WRITES ON has been presented at length in this group --
search the archive for more information. FORCED WRITES OFF is
considered to be suicidal under Windows, and in any case not a good
idea unless you are using backup/UPS.

> I'm running out of options.

Keep at it. I've seen users on this list escape from hairier
situations that yours. Firebird is represented by a phoenix for good
reason. Hopefully Ann or another developer will elaborate on your
orphan error.

Andrew Ferguson
-- Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.