Subject RE: [ib-support] Frequent "Guardian Starting" messages - Normal??
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:16 PM 13-06-02 +1200, Phil Scadden wrote:

>Which is what is worrying me. I had hoped that there might be messages
>as to why server was stopping if it crashed. The application only ever
>make two calls - one to call an SP to update or insert. The other is
>extremely simple one table select for primary index in a range. The app
>that does selects is crashing on startup.

Is there any kind of message being returned to the application from the
crash? or are you saying that the application crash crashes the db server
as well? i.e. that the Guardian restarts happen as a consequence of the app
crashing the server?

Is this a single-box architecture? local connect, etc. Any devices
attached? e.g. instrument interfaces, etc.?

Does the app guard against long-running transactions?

>No message from the service
>that does the updating. Anyway to get more information about a server crash?

Could be - has anyone tried a backup + restore to a new file (not
overwriting the database) to see whether there are some damaged structures?

These are all shots in the dark. There don't seem to be many clues so far...


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