Subject Re: Automatically remove unused PK's from second table??
Author prokhorovav
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> Why? Doesn't the MGA of FB catch any conflict? Can you elaborate
> this warning?
For example

user #1
start transaction
delete from t_person
where condition
-- and trigger for delete
-- will delete record from t_car

User #2
start transaction
insert into t_person(..) values (..)
-- for existing record from t_car

user #1

User #2

What happen in this case?
You will get error:
Violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_T_EMP_CAR" on table T_Person

The user #2 will be very much surprised, when adding record in
t_person for an existing foreign key in t_car he has received the
message that this foreign key does not exist.

Best regards
Andrey Prokhorov