Subject Re: [ib-support] Referencing "active" as a column name
Author Artur Anjos
One shot in the darkness: did you check for case differences? ie, "active",


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Subject: [ib-support] Referencing "active" as a column name

> I am creating my first Interbase/Firebird project by porting a large
> Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere database. In the process, I discovered
> that "active" is an IB keyword. Several of my tables have this as a
> column name. So I enclosed the name in double quotes and went forward
> with the table creation process.
> Now when I try to reference an "active" column in DSQL, I get a "local
> column not found error." Here are two examples of SQL statements that
> fail:
> ALTER TABLE ProgCat ALTER "active" TO isactive
> ALTER TABLE ProgCat DROP "active"
> Any guidance here would be much appreciated.