Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: 24x7
Author Woody
From: "Brad Pepers" <brad@...>

> > 2. Ever, ever use the setting FORCED WRITES ON!!!
> Do I understand this properly in that the default on Linux is to *not*
> forced writes on but that it is recommended to turn it on? If so, is
> any way to turn it on when the database is created or using the API rather
> than running "gfix -write sync"? Also if its recommended on Linux, why is
> not the default?

I am by no means an expert about this, however, from all the posts I've seen
regarding this, here is what I gather about it.

Definately turn Forced Writes On in the following situations:

1. If speed is not a "critical" factor in performance since turning it
on tends to slow down the server slightly.

2 If you don't have a very stable server to keep from constantly losing
information in case it abends.

3. If up-to-the-minute data integrity is crucial.

Definately turn Forced Writes OFF in the following situations:

1. A daily backup is good enough to restore from if something corrupts
the database and you are doing a daily backup.

2. Server platform is stable as a rock and data is not "mission

Other than these, IMO, turning it on or off is your choice. What works best
for you may be different for others. Hardware speed is definately a factor.

If you want to turn it on automatically when your program connects, use this
parameter line in your database connection:


Woody (TMW)