Subject Re: [ib-support] 24x7
> >We plan to use FB
> >in 24x7 environments (healthcare)
> >
> >Is it safe / recommended ?
> Yes, but put the database server on Linux. "24/7" and "Windows server" are
> a contradiction in terms.

Although FB + IBO are running 24/7 on a number of our sites,
and while we are looking to switch to Linux, NT4Sp6a can be
relied on. While we have yet to get W2kServer to give 24/7
operation. So if a Linux server is not practical, NT4 will
perform. but see next note.

> >In the our other database products
> >we have used from leading vendors
> >the database size < 500mb so we may
> >assume that FB will not exceed 1GB
> >if that information is of use
> Database size isn't an issue, per se, provided you keep an eye on database
> growth and prepare for splitting the database file well before a database
> approaches the filesystem file-size limit which, in any case, is 2 Gb or more.

Another point is to schedule a backup/restore every couple
of weeks. You may be able to do without it, but if there is
any 'instability' in the system, the restore will help keep
things running.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services