Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Mass insertion speeds
Author GreatDayDan
Good Morning!

I have not used IB's external tables but I have
used MS Sql's bcp utility.You can use it to populate a
table with data from a test file.

Here is a smaple bat file that we used in a
production environment:

echo off

if not exist .\Data\Bosc_Hier.txt exit
echo on

c:\MSsql\binn\isql /S %ComputerName% /U sa /P EUREKA
/n /i .\Sql\Bosc_CreateLoadTable.SQL /o
type .\audits\Bosc_CreateLoadTable.LOG

This line called a SQL script that prepared the

c:\MSsql\binn\bcp ws..bosc_cost_ctr_hier_load in
.\Data\Bosc_Hier.txt /S TXDFWAS011 /U sa /P EUREKA /f
.\Sql\BCP_Hier.fmt /e .\audits\Bosc_BCP_Err.LOG /b
1000 /a 8192 > .\Audits\Bosc_BCP_Hier.LOG
type .\audits\Bosc_BCP_Hier.LOG

This line pumped the data in.

Do a search in Sql Server BOL for bcp. It explains
all the switches.


> Unfortunatley for me, I have to support both FB and
> SQLServer (Possibly Oracle further down the road),
> so I'm either going to have two methods of doing
> this, or go with something slower. Another
> unfortunate thing is that the fast way of doing it
> in FB and SQLServer are so different (FB with the
> external tables, SQLServer with the data import
> utility). Makes me wish my customers weren't
> clamoring for SQLServer (and Oracle down the line).
> :)

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