Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Mass insertion speeds
Author Jason Frey
> Jason - I think you should persist with the idea of external files as stated by David ...
> I just ran a little test here on 400K records using your data as a sample - and found
> that an isql insert with commits takes about 280sec
> on firebird 1.0 on PIII Linux Mandrake 8 - 1Gb processor whereas the external file
> option took 12 sec. Big difference.

I got the external file thing to work (stupid cr/lf's.. Had to put them in their own column to get it to work properly), and it did the trick quite handily.
Unfortunatley for me, I have to support both FB and SQLServer (Possibly Oracle further down the road), so I'm either going to have two methods of doing this, or go with something slower. Another unfortunate thing is that the fast way of doing it in FB and SQLServer are so different (FB with the external tables, SQLServer with the data import utility). Makes me wish my customers weren't clamoring for SQLServer (and Oracle down the line). :)

- Jason

PS - I realize that IBConsole is not warrantied to work with Firebird at all, but it does, so we've been using it... I just ran my scripts through ISQL (I hate command line stuff... I'm not used to the old DOS days anymore. :)), and it was a TON faster. Just an FYI for anyone out there in my situation, thinking that everything is equal. I would have thought it either would be equal, or it wouldn't work at all, not be a lot slower one way vs the other.

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