Subject Re: ODBC with BDE
Author andre_peron
I'm still having the same problem. I tryed a demo version of EasySoft
IB6 ODBC (came with IB6.5 demo) and it worked. Please help me to
solve this problem.


--- In ib-support@y..., "andre_peron" <andre_peron@y...> wrote:
> I'm using BDE with ODBC Open Source/FireBird. But when i insert the
> value 0.8, for example, it shows 80 in TDBgrid ou any Delphi's
> dbcomponents. (note: ibconsole shows 0.8) !!!
> I tryed ENABLE BDE TRUE and FALSE but problem persist.
> I'm using DB2 with BDE too and the same problem. Then i found in
> readme that is a problem in my windows' regional settings. In my
> country (Brazil) the Decimal Separator is a comma (,). I changed
> it worked, but not with Firebird ODBC.
> This is a bug or have a soluction ?
> Andre