Subject Re: Secondary file question
Author tcaduto
I agree, since I am not a C programmer (I use Delphi) I can't really
contribute that way, but I did purchase a CD from IB Phoenix, and
plan to purchase again, so I do contribute in my own small way :-)

I also contribute by telling everyone I can about Firebird and how
great it is.

I also feel that the 64bit file I/O is important and should be high
priority, sorry...Why bother even to create a 64bit file I/O version
if it is not that important....


Tony Caduto

> that (theoretically) it is supposed to be a synergy of
contribution, each
> according to his own needs and abilities. Open source won't grow
if 99.9
> percent are consumers and 0.01 percent are contributors. We have
some very
> clever and motivated people working on the code but they have to
put bread
> on the table like everyone else. The bottom line is that there is
no such
> thing as "cost-free software" and it's quite wrong to "sell"
Firebird as such.