Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: How to use UDF in Firebird??
Author Brandon Fouts
I dont know if you saw my reply a few days ago but I get this same problem
when the .dll file is not present or is not loaded. It is also possible
that the dll is either corrupt or not developed correctly. There is an IB
Phoenix document that explains the search paths that IB looks in and how IB
works with UDF's, otherwise I would look at the dll code and see if there is
a problem. Can you post the dll code and the statement your are using to
declare the function in FB?


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Subject: [ib-support] Re: How to use UDF in Firebird??

I know about Extract but the fact is I am nota able
to use UDF!!!
The UDF is the standard FreeUDFLib from C.Valde,
The firebird is the last...
So why want work? damn

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> <<< 3. 6. 2002 8:58 - mk_delphi "mk_delphi@y..." >>>
> m> DATE
> m> ENTRY_POINT 'Year'
> m> MODULE_NAME 'c:\programmi\firebird\udf\FreeUDFLib.dll';
> In Firebird is implemented new function Extact for dates and times
> part extracting.
> Use this statement in SP:
> Year=Extract(Year from Date_Field);
> Or in Select:
> Select Extract(Year from Data_Field) from My_table;
> IMHO, external function for Year is useless.
> --
> Best regards, TRoland

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