Subject Re: [ib-support] lock conflict on no wait transaction - help please
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi John.

I'm not certain what your problem is and don't know whether my suggestion
will help or not - but are you aware that your subselect is executed once
for every row in your table? Changing to

update JOBS set JOB_IS_ACTIVE = 'N'
where exists(select 1 from SP13
and SP13.HAS_WIP='N'
and SP13.MTHS_AGO_LAST_TRAN is null
and SP13.MTHS_AGO_OPENED > 48)

could improve execution speed drastically (in general, it is a bad idea to
use IN followed by a subselect - the more rows the subselect returns, the
slower the execution).

Whether changing your update statement to what I suggest will help you get
rid of - or change - your error, I simply do not know. Try it and report
back to us the results.