Subject Re: [ib-support] InterBase no longer supported by Borland
Author Artur Anjos
I think that this is great news for all of us, Firebird lovers.

Now we don't have an interbase 'fork', but the only Open Source Database IB
based. People that choose IB as an open source database have to go forward
to Firebird if they want to use a Open Source DB.

Of course, Helen, this is just (and once more) a (figuratively AND
literally) 'independent' opinion. :)

Anyway, if we are going once again to discuss this can I suggest that we
move this to IBDI?


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Subject: Re: [ib-support] InterBase no longer supported by Borland

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>Has anyone read the thread "InterBase and Sourceforge" in
>borland.public.interbase.opensource? The current open source version of IB
>will not be upgraded. Will/can any of this effect Firebird? I assume not
>would like to hear from others.

No - why would it? Borland has (figuratively AND literally) nothing to do
with Firebird. We happen to be two organisations each trying to develop
better databases from a code base that was common to both before each