Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: IB dumber than a $5 calculator
Author Burak OZLER
Hi All.

I don't understand the ones that goes back to MSSQL and "complainig"
about this..

if you catch sth "bug" tell this to developers or sth to make things easier.

from my view: if you don't pay, do not complain, becouse no one force you to
use this product.

I Used MSSQL for 3 years, it gave me many functionality that I never used,
but when the job gets stress, I gave it many new memory cards, brand new
CPU's and more $'s to MS

if you're at the smallbiz application devolopment, I think you're at the
right place with FB.

Sorry for my poor English,


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Subject: [ib-support] Re: IB dumber than a $5 calculator

> Hi Reggie,
> Well at least your gripe about IB was something reasonably obscure
> whereas this goes to the heart of using stored procs.
> I haven't heard anyone else complain that coding stored procs with IB
> is a headache... am I being unreasonable or does noone use PSQL for
> any kind of arithmetic?
> The reason it annoys me so much is that FB/IB excels in most other
> areas. Just seems weird that in the past decade nobody at Borland
> thought about making the PSQL more like Delphi, e.g. you don't have
> to explicitly typecast every darn constant and variable... oh wait,
> you do with Delphi, kind of :-)
> The solution with IB's PSQL would appear to be reasonably simple:
> declare *all* variables and constants in the header and use no
> undeclared values/constants in the body. And declare all numbers as
> double precision if there is anything but basic integer add/subtract
> in the arithmetic.
> Still, as a filing cabinet IB is wonderful; as a calculator it
> sucks. I was hoping to implement a lot of fairly complex PSQL stuff,
> but I'm no longer confident IB can easily handle it. I don't want to
> spend hours debugging procedures only to discover I'd forgotten to
> typecast x * 3 as CAST(x as double precision) * CAST(3 as double
> precision). I'd be thrilled to be shown how I'm wrong about this...
> This coupled with the bizarre plan-selection issue makes me think
> twice about going ahead with IB. It's starting to look like I'll
> need to have a bag full of kludges to overcome some of these issues.
> I really want to stick with FB for many, many reasons -- not least
> being that I've invested the past 5 months of my time learning it.
> I love Firebird to death, which is why I hate to whinge about it. If
> somebody gives you a fine car for free you don't complain about not
> liking the colour. And god knows the list of fixed 'issues' in MSSQL
> reads like a phone book every time they do a patch. But intuitive
> use is a big factor...
> Probably doesn't help that I was poleaxed with a migraine last night
> after seeing Star Wars a second time :-)
> Regards
> Andrew Ferguson
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> --- In ib-support@y..., "Reggie White" <reggiewhite@l...> wrote:
> > We have already left and gone to MSSQL.
> > Still keeping an eye on Firebird, but I don't have much faith.
> >
> > (P.S. Hell is not that bad once it has been frozen over)
> >
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