Subject Re: [ib-support] How use a SP as a column lookup in a query?
Author Nick Upson
you could make it:

select cust_id, name, street, (select out_tel_no from make_telnum(cust_id))
from customer

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From: "mmenaz" <mmenaz@...>
Subject: [ib-support] How use a SP as a column lookup in a query?
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 14:19:47 -0000

Hi, I would like something like this:
Select cust_id, name, street, telephone from customer

But telephone must be "build" by a stored procedure, that checks some other
tables, makes some elaboration, and returns a varchar (so it's a sort of
"lookup" field but with a complex elaboration, so I can't take it directly
from a table).
If my SP is something like "make_telnum( in_cust_id, out_tel_num)" how can I
do that? What is the syntax?
It should be like:
select cust_id, name, street, out_tel_num
from customer
inner join make_telnum(cust_id)
on ?????? on what?

And, is there a better solution?
Marco Menardi

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