Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Max() in view does not use index
Author Bob Murdoch

At 5/23/2002 04:42 PM, you wrote:
>MAX requires a DESCending index (default is ASCending), otherwise it
>walks the whole table. Indexes can only go one way with IB. This
>was discussed just this past week. If you want the whole story
>type 'index' into the group page search box and have a look at the
>recent posts.

Thanks for the advice. However, adding a descending index on cal_date
doesn't make a difference. And as I said before, I run the same query that
is used in the view, adding the same where clause that I used when
selecting from the view, I get indexed reads. That is without the desc index.

thanks again for your time,

Bob M..