Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: Firebird v1.0 Final and the result set with a newly created column?!?!? (second try)
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Alexander,

> Hi, Thomas. I reproduced it on LI-V6.2.796 using both WISQL and
> IBExpert and RECREATE and CREATE statements.

... and I thought I'm crazy ;-)). Thanks for your confirmation.

> I have another amazing info which can be of interest for you. During
> a discussion about triggers on system tables I created BI triggers on
> database and connected once more using WISQL. As expected, this
> triggers did'nt work. But when I connected using IBExpert, trigger on
> RDB$RELATIONS did'nt work but both another worked!!! I was said
> trigger on RDB$PROCEDURE_PARAMETERS work too and this triggers survive
> backup/restore but I have'nt time now to investigate it. Amazing is
> too that Alexander Khvastunov said he did'nt made any special efforts
> in this direction and could'nt explain why this triggers works when
> IBExpert is connected and don't work in WISQL session.

Thanks. I'm aware of that as I've studied implementing some logging
stuff on system tables (hey, what a surprise ;-)). I was in contact
with Alexander K. in the past, because he has sent me a reproducable
test case showing, that user-defined triggers on system tables are
simply unreliable (yet).

Thomas Steinmaurer