Subject RE: [ib-support] order by upper
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:07 PM 21-05-02 +0800, Benny Setiawan Tanua wrote:

>i'm sorry i'm beginner in interbase.
>Can you please provide me the detail about sorting and matching ?

Sorting is what happens when you request ORDER BY or GROUP BY in an SQL

Matching is what happens when you request a JOIN or a WHERE criterion in an
SQL statement.

>or maybe step by step instruction about that.

Look up the Indexes topics in the manuals, along with the documentation for
the SELECT statement. InterBase (beta) manuals are available from
or you can get the Firebird manuals by purchasing the IBPhoenix CD

>for example : i don't understand about BU and BI trigger means ?

Triggers are routines written in IB/FB programming language (PSQL) which
run automatically when data changes are requested through SQL. There are
two phases when triggers can fire: before an operation and after an
operation. There are three operations on which they can fire: insert,
update and delete. So BU is a quick way to refer to a "Before Update"
trigger and BI is "Before Insert".

Please make sure you post your questions to the list, not to my private
email address...thks.


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