Subject Re: [ib-support] Datapump and Orphan pages
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 02:34 PM 5/20/2002 -0300, Adriano Wolff - Sinprod wrote:

>a) I have a database that is currently with 121MB. I created a new empty
>database and transferred the data of the previous one to the this new with
>Datapump. After transference the new base had only 77MB. I didnĀ“t understand
>because of as much difference. Somebody would know to inform me what it could
>be ?

Depending on how you stored the data originally, you may have a low
packing density - lots of half full pages etc. You can check that
by running gstat -a against the 121Mb database.

>b)The database with 121MB presented some problems due the energy falls. When
>using the IBCONSOLE to effect the validation of the archive, the same
>me message that would have "pages orphans". Somebody could say me what
>they are
>these pages orphans, and if this can compromise the database.

An "orphan page" is one that has been removed from the free page
list but not assigned to anything else. That's a frequent result
of power failures and has no bad effect on the database - except
to waste space


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