Subject Re: IBX to IBO ?
Author mmenaz
You could simply download the "demo" and see what you really need.
I also suggest that you use native IB_ components, for access to FB and for visual stuff, since are much better than VCL and let you gain a quantum leap in functionality. Ok, it takes longer to master, but RAD is there, not in the TDataset compatible stuff.
Of course, you loose TDataset compatibility, but you can always use it when really needed (for usage with special controls...).
Just my experience with IBO...
Marco Menardi

--- In ib-support@y..., "lfeliz" <lfeliz@y...> wrote:
> Hello.
> Some time ago, I looked at using IB and decided to stick with IBX. I
> am now planning a new project and I think I want to stop using IBX as
> I am deploying against Firebird. Is my view correct that the IBO
> TDataSet Data Access module is all I need to pretty much do what I
> did with IBX (minus Service API Backup/Restore, Scripting). What
> other module(s) should I look into using? Are there any problems if
> I use IBO and IBX together in an application.
> My original choice was to go FIBPlus, but IBO appears to be the
> favorite alternative to Borland solutions (IBX/BDE/DBX).
> - Lou