Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird access across databases?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Alessandro!

>One system have academic data, other system controls physical space
>over the Institution, on two gdbs.
>Can I use the 'RoomID' from Physispace as a foreign key on
>Academic ?? Can I answer: What teachers will work at Building X?

If you mean directly through SQL, then the answer is no, that is
impossible. That is, the BDE can do it, but unless it is two very small
databases don't even think about using it.

You have two (or three) sensible solutions. The one I would recommend since
these to databases seems related, would be to simply merge them into one
database. Or you can write a program that accesses both databases.
Alternatively, you can set up replication that copies interesting
information from one database to the other (this is the one I called the
third possibility, probably not worth it in your case).

>Second question, in some articles I saw that the greater databse
>report is near 980Gb, is it in only one file?

Don't know, I've just heard that such a monster exists. But I would be
shocked if it was in one file or even on one disk! Normally, you keep your
files below 2 or 4 Gb.

>Third (and last): Is FB ready for paralell multiprocessing? I have a
>UNISYS with new CMP architeture, with 08 processors (can be 32!), the
>load will be distributed over processors or the FB engine will
>have 'affinity' with only one processor?

Now I'm entering 'guessing mode', someone will hopefully correct me. I
think each request (each SQL statement) has to be done on a single
processor. Whether several requests can be handled by several processors, I
simply don't know.

>Txs in advance, and my apologies by my bad english!

Nothing to worry about, your English is fine - your biggest mistake was
probably using "by my bad english" rather than "for my bad English" ;o)