Subject Re: [ib-support] Force write OFF
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:36 AM 14-05-02 +0000, Michael wrote:
>I have a DB running on a Firebird version 1.0.
>How do I tell whether or not I use Force Writes (ON / OFF) ?

If your server is Windows 95/98 or ME, it doesn't apply (these platforms do
not support asynchronous writes).

IB_SQL indicates it on the connection tab - probably other GUI tools do as
The command-line tool gstat will give you this information, if you use this
gstat -header db_name

If Forced Writes (synchronous writes) is ON, you will see this in the
Attributes section of the output:
Attributes force write

For info about performing a shutdown, see the Using Firebird manual (if you
have the latest IB Phoenix CD) or the Operations Guide from the IB 6 docs set.

>How do I change it ?

Use the command-line tool gfix (logged in as sysdba or owner) to
1) shut down the database and then
2) set sync/async writes:

gfix -w async turns forced writes off
gfix -w sync turns it on

A word of warning - running on a Windows server with forced writes off is
NOT recommended. It seems likely that Windows does not write its cache to
disk very often, perhaps not at all, except when the server actually
undergoes a controlled shutdown. The implications for a 24/7 operation
hardly bear thinking about.


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