Subject RE: [ib-support] Audit Trail/Log implementation (or How to loop through fields)
Author sugi
> Thomas Steinmaurer provides an inexpensive tool called IBLogmanager which
> will create all triggers and logging tables automatically for
> you. Takes you a few minutes no matter how complex your DB-Design is.
> Works quite good and has a nice UI.
Thank you for the pointer. But the "inexpensive" part is probably
open for debate...:) You have to pay additional license

> Rather spend the few bucks before getting headaches about the problem :-)
I agree, but I have a 'hard coded log manager' implemented already.
My simple script generator will read the available database structure and
churns out the scripts necessary to implement the logging functionality
for the table(s) you choose; very simple thing.

The problem is that it's "hard coded".
When someone (maybe you) come and modify your table structure (adding a
etc), it will break the logging functionality; or force you to modify the
itself, hence the idea of using IB's metadata (if possible) instead of
field and table names.

AFAIK, there are two general approach on the logging data itself,
either you create identical copy of your actual tables for dumping the data,
or we could use a central log table for all the logged activities. I use
the second approach because it only uses one or two additional tables.

So, I'm still stuck...:) Can anyone help?