Subject Re: a view, a select - same DML, different record count !
Author csswa
Okay, IBConsole chokes on the VIEW containing the GROUP BY and
reports an 'invalid database key' error message. The original VIEW
that was reporting the wrong record count was created with IBExpert
and that creation did not generate any errors. However, when
creating the same VIEW (with GROUP BY clause) in IBConsole it
processed it, spat out a 'transaction not active' error, yet still
committed the DDL and created the VIEW. Trying to view the data
gives the 'invalid database key' mentioned above.

So I figure someone is going to tell me that you can't use a GROUP BY
in a VIEW, same as you can't use ORDER BY?

Andrew Ferguson
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--- In ib-support@y..., "csswa" <csswa@y...> wrote:
> Yep, if I comment out the GROUP BY line in the VIEW then it returns
> the correct count of 8488. With the SELECT on its own, inclusion
> the GROUP BY makes no difference: always 8488. Am I missing
> something about VIEWS?