Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: minimizing transaction-open time
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 05/08/2002 03:02 PM (Wednesday), Aage Johansen wrote:
>But you'll have to worry about whether you are updating the same database
>(as you read from) - you have to control every record that can be affected
>by the inserts/updates/deletes. Not impossible, but a chore.

I don't follow. If I do a query I get one or more records. If I want to
update one I know just where and how to do it. The context is all built
into the components being used. Has never been otherwise in the Delphi world.

>I use the timer approach (with commit or rollback), but this isn't without
>problems. I've found users returning from lunch and seeing their work has
>been rejected (rollback) having assumed that whatever they were editing
>(either in a grid or a separate form) has automagically been completed for
>them! Result: the record was never entered into the database.

You must have very forgiving users! If I committed work on their behalf
they would likely come after me AND my family. Likewise, if I threw away
any edits they were in the middle of completing - even if they went to
lunch in the meantime - because I tried to commit them before they were
ready, they would also have my hide.

Not only is this behavior a stark violation of basic user interface
guidelines but I'd be dead, castrated, or merely out of a job!