Subject Re: [ib-support] minimizing transaction-open time
Author Woody
From: "Doug Chamberlin" <DChamberlin@...>
> At 05/08/2002 10:37 AM (Wednesday), Woody wrote:
> >Moving between
> >records then becomes: start transaction, read record, edit (or not), stop
> >transaction, start transaction, read record, etc., etc.
> Actually a much better way is
> Start trans
> Read record
> Commit
> Let user edit record taking all the time they want.
> When they save:
> Start trans
> Write updates
> Commit

This implies that you either use clientdataset components or non-data aware
controls. Both of these are usually not acceptable to beginners because of
their fallacies. Also, because I am stuck in a Delphi 5 infinite loop, I
don't have clientdatasets. Writing code to transfer information to and from
non-data aware controls can be very time consuming and difficult for those
just starting out. That's why I suggest my way instead. You are right,
though, if time and resources permit. <g>

Woody (TMW)