Subject Re: [ib-support] 81 triggers for 27 tables - overkill?
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 03:45 PM 5/2/2002 -0300, Lista de Discução Interbase wrote:

>I prefer one trigger for each process (the first approach), I think this
>way you have a more managable code

That's why InterBase had many triggers per operation.

>But, I do not know if having 3 trigger instead of one could cause a
>performance decrease. I don't think so.

No - the triggers are all compiled together the first time the
table is referenced.

>> A lot of these are duplicated triggers, that is they need to fire
>> both for insert and update.

Something we've talked about doing in the future is allowing one
trigger to be defined to fire both before (or after) insert and
update. Probably also something that would fire on update and


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