Subject Re: [ib-support] pivot like queries ?
Author Daniel Rail
At 05/02/2002 12:48 PM, you wrote:
>does any-one know of a way/product to do pivot-like queries to FireBird
>like TRANSFORM PIVOT in Access ?
>(is something like this planned for FB2)

First thing, Access is not and RDBMS. Also, MS SQL doesn't have that in
it's language, but does have PivotTables, via OLAP(optional feature) and
OLE-DB, but not straight SQL. It would be nice to have, but could be too
much demanding on the database server. That's probably why with MS SQL,
you have to either select it manually on installation or install it
afterwards, and runs as a separate service. OLAP seems to be defined as an
optional part of SQL-99, but not SQL-92, which Firebird is compliant with.

I would suggest that you start a discussion on the IB-Architect Yahoo
group, and then you would see how some Firebird developers and other users
would react to the idea.

Personally, I find it a good idea, but as an external process to the
database server. The way I see OLAP, it's like a middle-tier application,
but without any static queries to perform the data mining.

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