Subject Re: [ib-support] Speed of Joins
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I thought that if I send

Select * from Product where Descricption like 'PAINT%'


Select * from Product where Descricption Starting With 'PAINT'

should be synonymous, and the same execution plan will be used.

I tried both statments above and the plan are the same. Are you saying that
if a put like '%PAINT%' no index will be used ? This is correct, but like
'PAINT%' uses the index as starting with

the plan is


Did I understand you or I am missing something ?

see you


At 00:39 03/05/2002 +1000, you wrote:
>At 12:16 PM 02-05-02 +0000, sean_brad wrote:
> >I use a join select statement of the following form:
>........ REMOVED ..............
>As others have rightly explained, you are comparing apples and
>oranges. But, if you have an index on the column F, you can speed up that
>outer join (if it is what you need) by using the STARTING WITH predicate
>instead of LIKE. LIKE does not use an index, whereas STARTING WITH does.
>Also, that framework has ambiguous syntax: Firebird will not buy it
>without a table identifier on column F.
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