Subject Re: [ib-support] Speed of Joins
Author Daniel Rail
At 05/02/2002 09:16 AM, you wrote:
>I use a join select statement of the following form:
>ON Table2.D = Table1.D and
> Table2.E = Table1.E
>Where F like 'text%'
>But have found it to be very slow.
>(The fields used in the join and in the Where clause are indexed)
>I've tried replacing it with:
>FROM Table1, Table2
>Where Table2.D = Table1.D and
> Table2.E = Table1.E and
> F like 'text%'
>and the result set is returned much quicker.
>Can any one explain why the first method is so much slower. And, if
>there is a good reason for using it, is there a way of speeding it up?

First thing I see. These 2 queries will not return the same results. The
first one is an outer join, so two conditions has to be met: equal or not
equal. The second is the same as an inner join, so one condition has to be
met: equal. Try restructuring the second query so it would match the same
comparisons that the first query would do and compare the speed after doing so.

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