Subject Re: [ib-support] Basic Question - When do you register the UDF?
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 04/30/2002 05:27 PM (Tuesday), Phil Scadden wrote:
>Does the script have to run when Firebird is started on the
>machine, or does it have to be run only once. Where is the registration
>information stored? In a system table? In that case, can I register it on
>a blank database and distribute it with the app (the tables and stored
>procedures are created dynamically as required by the app). Help!

Yes, SQL scripts which declare UDF's only need to be run once. The info is
stored in system tables in the database.

You should be able to create a complete, empty DB and distribute it,
provided the deployment system is the same type (CPU, OS) as the one which
made the empty DB.