Subject Re: Ambiguous field name between table
Author csswa
This is an IBConsole thing. I forgot that I'd downloaded version a few days ago.

I hadn't noticed that this new version has a new treeview table
branch for indexes. Previous versions didn't have this, as I
recall. I just checked my verion and yes, that's the case.

So perhaps this new feature that Jeff added only works with IB. Or
perhaps it's still buggy. Going into the tables and viewing indexes
from there also causes the error message. Perhaps Jeff is giving FB
a sneaky 'Fork you' message. Who knows.

In my defense, I do use IB_SQL, but IBConsole is my comfy hammock for
when I'm feeling lazy.

Andrew Ferguson
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--- In ib-support@y..., "csswa" <csswa@y...> wrote:
> Hello all.
> I'm trying to pinpoint a DML code error in a script. The script
> executes without problem to build the db, but when I try to view
> indexes via IBConsole it gives me:
> Dynamic SQL Error
> SQL error code = -204
> Ambiguous field name between table RDB$INDICES and table
> However, IB_SQL has no problem showing all indexes for tables.
> One thing I'd like to check is:
> Is there a problem giving a constraint the same name as an existing
> field?
> Regards,
> Andrew Ferguson
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