Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird RC2 & 1.0 Crash on Win2000
Author Daniel Rail
At 04/24/2002 01:21 PM, you wrote:
>I'm have an firebird RC2 instalations with 40 clients and 1 Win2000
>Server. I'm using a FreeUDF from Claudio Valderrama update, I'm using
>my self udf (thread safe), I'm using a post event's, I'm using a lot
>of store procedures and its uses a FreeUdf. After 2 day of used the
>server crash, so i'm backup and restore a database and try again and
>KAPITALDATA (Client) Tue Apr 23 20:14:51 2002
>C:\Archivos de programa\FireBird\bin\ibserver.exe: terminated
>KAPITALDATA (Client) Tue Apr 23 20:14:53 2002
>Guardian starting: C:\Archivos de programa\FireBird\bin\ibserver.exe
>KAPITALDATA (Client) Wed Apr 24 08:22:37 2002
>Unable to update NT Event Log.
>OS Message: El archivo de Registros de sucesos está lleno.

Clear the NT Event log and see what happens. If this corrects the problem,
then set the event log to automatically replace old events with the new
events when the event log is full.

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