Subject Re: [ib-support] download of firebird1
Author Daniel Rail
At 04/23/2002 08:53 AM, you wrote:
>The Firebird project could arrange for the files to be mirrored in half a
>dozen different places, and would too, if the need was there. I'd rather
>that SourceForge sorted this out themselves and made the process
>transparent to end users. I don't care where the downloads come from, but
>I do like to see reasonably accurate download statistics. These figures
>are only maintained, afaik, by downloads via the SF web interface.
>Of course, stats are only secondary - they are not a lot of use if users
>can't actually get at the files. However, they do help us all get a feel
>for how successful Firebird is and where users are looking to use it.


I totally agree with you on this. I simply pointed out that mirror site,
because my download manager application picked it up when using the link
from Firebird's download page. I think that as long that there's available
bandwith to download, no matter how small, the download request will go
through and not be redirected to a mirror site. My download manager
application was able to make 2 connections to SourceForge and 2 connections
to all at the same time to download the file divided in four
equal parts. But, it would be nice that a person would be able to choose
the download site, and this would be managed by SourceForge.

Have a nice day.

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