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Thanks for reposting your response.

The lack of a 64-bit I/O version of the Linux classic server is an obstacle
for me. A possible workaround for me would be to run multiple instances of
the SuperServer Firebird on one machine. But, from what I've read, multiple
instances of Firebird can't run on the same machine. Is this true? If not,
how would I go about running an instance of Firebird per processor? We pay
for rack space so the fewer machines running, the better.

It would be ok if multiple instances of Firebird, running on different
processors could not access the same database because my application is
partitioned across multiple databases.

Another workaround would be to use the classic version with multiple
database files to get over the 2GB limit. But the gain would have to be
justifiable before I would go that route. I've read that the classic server
does not perform as well as the superserver and that using the classic
server in a multi-processor environment only yields a 20% performance gain.
Not quite linear scalability. Does the 20% performance gain on a dual
processor machine match your experience?

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Here's my answer to your question:

At the moment, the only support that is in Firebird Super-Server(Windows
and Linux) is to be able to specify on which ONE processor you want it to
run on, instead of using an external application as before. Apparently, the
Firebird Classic Server(Linux) runs well in multi-processor environment. If
I'm not mistaken, the work has started for the multi-processor support for
Firebird 2 Super-Server, date is unknown when it's going to be out, but I
don't think it's going to be anytime soon, since Firebird 1.0 has just been
released a month and a half ago and a lot of work has still to be done.

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