Subject Re: [ib-support] Multi-processor Support
Author Daniel Rail
At 04/19/2002 01:50 PM, you wrote:
> >From reading the documentation on, I can't tell if
>Firebird's support for multi-processor machines has been improved. Much of
>the documentation describing plans to improve the support are not dated.
>Is there a performance benefit to deploying Firebird on a multi-processor
>machine? If so, what kind of performance gains have users experienced. Do
>the different versions (i.e. Linux, Windows, Super-server, Classic) have
>different multi-processor capabilities?

At the moment, the only support that is in Firebird Super-Server(Windows
and Linux) is to be able to specify on which ONE processor you want it to
run on, instead of using an external application. Apparently, the Firebird
Classic Server(Linux) runs well in multi-processor environment. If I'm not
mistaken, the work has started for the multi-processor support for Firebird
2 Super-Server.

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