Subject Re: [ib-support] interbase on windows 2000
Author Woody
From: "monalisa" <monalisa@...>
> Hi all !
> I have some problem that's need helped. Usually on server side we've set
> groups for security level, so not every user can access all directory on
> server.
> On Windows NT server, there's no problem. But on windows 2000 server, I
> not access the database even I already give the group full access on
> directory where the .gdb located. The one can access the database is user
> which have same level as administrator. It's not secure at all if I give
> the user have administrator level. There's other directory must have set
> full access besides the directory where .gdb located ?

You should not have to assign rights to the database directory for anyone.
The IB server takes care of using the database. The only reason you would
need access to the directory is if you are accessing the directory through a
shared drive and that isn't the correct way to access the database.

Woody (TMW)