Subject RE: [ib-support] extract metadata problem
Author Martijn Tonies

take your time to read through the Language Reference chapter System
Tables and Views. Also take time to read the Data Definition Guide and
you will see that both NUMERIC and DECIMAL aren't stored as such.

Extracting detailed metadata information is an error prone task - no-one
gets it right the first, second and third time.

Depending on what you actually want, why don't you use existing code?
IBX, IBO and probably FIBPlus all have their metadata extract
components. Heck, even browsing the IBConsole code at SourceForge should
get you going.

Martijn Tonies
InterBase Workbench - the developer tool for InterBase and Firebird

With the following sql, fieldtype: nummeric, lenght: 18, scale: 2 are
not shown. Any idea why?
Thanks Bram

r.rdb$relation_name as tablename,
r.rdb$field_name as fieldname,
t.rdb$type_name as typename,
f.rdb$field_length as fieldlength, r.RDB$FIELD_SOURCE AS
rdb$relation_fields r, rdb$types t, rdb$fields f
r.rdb$relation_name='MATFAC' and
r.rdb$relation_name not like 'RDB%' and
f.rdb$field_name=r.rdb$field_source and
t.rdb$field_name='RDB$FIELD_TYPE' and
order by